Hello and Welcome!

I am Giulia Mezzadri, a mathematician and postdoctoral researcher at Columbia University's Cognition and Decision Lab, under the supervision of Michael Woodford. My current research focuses on the cognitive processes underlying economic decision-making and behavior.

Before joining Columbia as a postdoctoral researcher, I obtained my PhD in applied mathematics for cognitive science from Université Côte d'Azur in France. Working under the guidance of Patricia Reynaud-Bouret, Fabien Mathy, and Thomas Laloë, I explored human category learning through computational modeling and experimental studies.

Outside of academia, I am deeply involved in fostering community growth. As a board member of AIRIcerca New York Chapter, I am committed to creating opportunities for Italian researchers through cultural, social, educational, and recreational events. You might also find me contributing to the "Papers, Distilled" series within the Press Office of Columbia University Postdoctoral Society (CUPS), where I strive to showcase the work of Columbia postdocs with clear, concise, and engaging articles. Additionally, I am a proud member of the  LGBTQIA+ community and actively participate in Columbia University's PostdoQs group.

In my free time, I enjoy challenging my skills in data visualization, embarrassing myself in Zumba classes, training for marathons (or at least attempting to), and learning Spanish.

If you'd like to connect, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn, Instagram, or by email!

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